Department of Planning and Investment
Champasak Province


Welcoming Address by the Governor of Champasak Province

Welcoming Address by the Governor of Champasak Province
As a result of th implementation of the socio-economic development plan in the fiscal year 2011/2012, Champasak Province has seen an overall increasing trend:
Estimated income per capita rose from US$ 1,034 in 2010/2011 to US$ 1,428 in 2011/2012.  At provincial level, poverty rate remains at a low of 2.36%, representing 2,584 poor families. The GDP growth rate over the last ten years is very promising. Macro-economic indicators, embracing government’s policies and objectives have accomplished a considerable satisfactory level.
Champasak Province authority in particular works hard to reduce poverty and to improve livelihood in rural areas. Provincial leaders together with departments, committees and relevant sectors, as well as the central government bodies, have put all their efforts in seeking additional funds for the provincial budget and utilizing all means for investments into some fundamental infrastructures.  One of the notable efforts of  the province is the serious focus on attracting and promoting domestic and foreign investment.  Up to date, the province has approved a total of 316 projects,  at a value of 8,628 trillion kip equivalent to US$ 1.070 bn.  In the fiscal year 2011/2012 alone, 62 projects at value of 2,602 bn kip or US$ 320 m have been approved.  The majority of investments account for agriculture, facilitation of tourism infrastructure, industry and services.  With the socio-economic development and its potentials, an increasing future trend is expected. Therefore, it is not surprising that investors, businessmen, both domestic and foreign in all  sectors choose  Champasak Province  as one of their investment  destinations due to its plentiful natural resources that are suitable for investment in agriculture (farming and livestock rising) especially organic farming and processing. Most importantly, eco-tourism, cultural and famous historical attraction sites, such as Wat Phou Champasak, the second national World Heritage and Khon Pha Pheng, also known as the “South East Asian Niagara Falls” or the “Pearl of Mekong”, invite all of you to visit, invest and doing business. Yet, there is an opportunity that investors should not miss, namely to invest in and develop the Khon Pha Pheng zone. The government has earmarked the area to be a Special Economic Zone open to interested investors.
Ladies and gentlemen, the information published in this brochure on potentials and investment opportunities gives a first glance at comparative potentials and the competitive business investment climate of our province.  For more detailed information, please contact the Department of Planning and Investment of Champasak Province.

Yours Sincerely
The Governor of Champasak Province
Sonexay Siphandone